Saturday, October 29, 2011

Western Idaho Fair '11

So apparently I have been neglecting this blog something horrible.  So sorry to any of those who actually read it!  SO WAY back in August we had our local Fair.  My girls are all in 4-H and we had to submit their things I figured I'd drop off a few of the things I'd made through the year.  I was pleasantly surprised to find...

A blue ribbon on one of my purses.  I have to say this is probably the worst display job they could have come up with for a purse but it is what it is, I'm just glad to see a blue ribbon on that baby!

The white dress is not mine but it is cute, however the doll bed IS mine.  John made the bed, although we didn't turn it in to be judged it was just the holder to my doll bedding which I received a 2nd place ribbon on.  Not too bad! This is Maddie's bed for her dolls, she is my girl who loves blue!

This is one of the diaper cases that I have been making for a while now.  The mom's I've been giving them to LOVE them and the mom's that don't have them wish they did.  I thought I would enter it in to see what the judges thought.  It was worthy of a 2nd place, I won't complain too much about that!

Here are some of the paper craft things I entered. The top left is a Stamped card I got a third, on my Valentine card in the top right I got a 4th place on, my scrapbook page I got 4th which I was OK with because in previous years I didn't even place and the bottom right is my wedding card. I got a 2nd on that which bummed me out because I guess in the heat the glue didn't stick so well so by the time they judged it had come loose.  Oh, well, what do ya do?!

Here is my Christmas card that i entered, VERY disappointed with this, I didn't even place and last year I got 1st so I was a bit bummed.  It's all in who is looking at them and their own opinion and apparently they didn't like my style as much as they like the gaudy over the top style which were the ones that got the blue ribbons this year.  Oh, well.  Maybe next year!
So I hope you enjoyed that little sampling of things I thought were worthy of being judged!

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