Thursday, February 25, 2010

Church coats and doll clothes

I have been working on church coats for each of the girls because I think they look SO cute and special when they are wearing them.  I found this really easy pattern and bought the matierial.  Here is what I have com up with.  I still need to get Maddies done but I've had SO much going on lately I haven't gotten to it just yet!  Soon, I promis soon!
Here is Kodies, I LOVE the pink and black combo
Here is Lacey's of course it is pink, her favorite color!
Here is Bailey's and the picture is terrible the coat is bright purple so I guess I need to get a different picture! But it's the same as Lacey's just bright purple

Now for the doll clothes

This is the blessing dress that Lacey has been wanting me to make "forever".  It is finished now it just needs it's matching bonnet, soon to come!
Here are the overalls I made for Kodies doll.  I cut the pattern out about 6 mos ago and evidently found something more important to sew.  They are finally finished!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Baby gifts I've been making

So TONS of the ladies in my ward are having babies and we will be getting a new little 2nd cousin in May so I have been busy coming up with some baby gifts. Here are some little booties that I made from this website Here is my favorite!! I made this adorable diaper changing clutch. This is what it looks like closed up. Isn't it SO cute!?

Here it is all opened up, it has a covered wipe case that matches and you can put about 3 diapers in it too so all you have to do it throw this in your purse and your ready to go, no lugging around a big diaper bag! They've been a real hit!