Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pattern Tester

So I saw an add somewhere is computer land about being a sewing tester.  I answered it and let her know of my interest.  My payment would be that I got the sewing patterns for free if I just sewed up a little something and took pictures and sent her an email.  I knew it was something I could do.  Here are the 1st 2 patterns she sent me.  I made the first pair a 9 because that is the size I wear.  Well it was a bit small so Bailey got the first pair.  She LOVES them, she even asked if she could wear them to school.

I love the colors in these, so bright and fun.

These were the 2nd pattern I received.  I made these a 10 and they fit just right so I think her sizing is a little off. You know by like a whole size.
She loved the fabric I used for these and they are really fun.  They are a moccasin style and I had to do a little hand stitching on them.
I'm awaiting my next pattern which is supposed to be a purse and I do love to sew purses and my girls love them.  Although I am looking for a new purse for me so we'll have to wait and see.  I'll try and keep posting these fun patterns I am receiving.

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  1. How fun! That is totally up your alley. I really like the second pattern the best. It sounds like she needs the pattern tester first if her sizes are off by that much. Good thing you are there.


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