Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mod Podged Pumpkins and squash

So now that I am no longer in Young Women's I am on the Relief Society meeting committee and we get to plan all the fun extra activities that the ladies in our ward can participate in.  For October we did a Harvest Mania and talked about why we decorate and how to decorate on a budget and 2 of the ladies decorated a bunch of tables as samples.  They were beautiful!  We also had a table of food that was made from our "Harvest" from our gardens.  They were yummy too!  For an activity we did these pumpkins.  I did mine with my neighbor the next day because we had such a great turn out there just wasn't time for me to do it that night.  I also did those little squash.
I am going to keep them through the Thanksgiving holiday as well!  Those little squash are gonna make their home in a cornucopia!

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