Monday, September 28, 2009

More skirts for the big girls

So these are skirts that I modified from this pattern
I found that tutorial on. The one provided is about a 4/5 and I needed a 7 and a 10. These here are size 10 and I added length to get them to the knee.

The thing I love about these is they are easy and don't take a whole lot of fabric. I am in the process of making size 7 and have been able to use scraps from project left overs.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wrap skirt

This is a wrap skirt I made for the big girls, SO cute! I hope one of them wears it to church on Sunday!

Check out these little cuties!

I have to say they don't look real good on the hanger but I didn't have a model home when I took these picts. They are cute knee length skirts. They were so easy I have to many a few.
Under this one is a black with small white polka dot fabric, very cute! This blue and green one has a little longer bottom piece that I have to say I don't like as well as the others. Very cute fabric thou!

The pink one has a orange with white polka dot under, also very cute!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Halloween Skirt

So I made this really cute Halloween skirt for the girls. This one if for the big girls and I will be completing the little girl skirt today. They just can't wait until October so they can start wearing them! They love these skirts because they are SO comfortable!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Totally cute jumper and Halloween Twirl Pants

This Jumper is made from light weight corduroy with a gray background with the pink and purple hearts. It turned out SO cute! Here are a pair of Halloween Twirl Pants. I think they turned out SO fun and can't wait for the girls to see them!
Close up of the fabrics used.

I have to thank my cousin Sharlee for picking out the spider webs for the pants. I just love them!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Here are my most recent things with my New to me sewing machine!

Now that school is back in and I have a new sewing machine I am back in action! Here are tiered skirts I made, one for the little girls and 1 for the big girls! I love the way they turned out and they were SUPER easy! Another purse, orange and multi color, really pretty cute in real life!
This one is pretty mellow, brown and a green blue.

Twirl pants that Kodie wanted, she even picked out the material!

These I LOVE! They just look like summer to me! These were a spendy pair of pants but I think they'll be worth it!

These little twirl pants are size 1/2 so they should fit 12-18mos, there SO cute!