Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More baby stuff

So like I said before, everyone in our ward is having babies, we had 3 just this week and one last week.   I think we are on a break until end of Oct, first of Nov.  Here are some of the things I have made for their mommies...

I will show the outsides and the insides of all the clutches
This one was for the Coopers who had a baby girl on the 31st of July

This one is for the Brackneys that are due in Nov.  And just as a side note all these babies are girls, 6 girls it's just crazy to me!

These are some burp clothes I did for the Smith baby.  She was born the end of June and I just finally got her gift finished.
I love the colors in this fabric.  I think I might need to make me a skirt out of it! :)

This one is for the Snyders.  They had their 1st girl after 3 boys on Aug. 3rd.  I love the pearl accents I used!

sorry for the terrible picture

This one is for the Perks family who just had their 5th baby also on Aug. 3rd

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