Thursday, September 2, 2010

Are ya wondering?

I know you might be wondering what I've been up to since I was on quite a roll a few weeks ago.  Well now that fair is over and the kids are in school I've been trying to get some things done for myself now that the kids are all in school all day.  But when I went to the fair last week I stumbled upon a sewing job.  The girls wanted a balloon from the clown at the fair so we stood in line to get one.  Well Kodie was wearing some of the pants I made her and the clown (female) fell in love, asked if I would sew for her, and now I'm sewing a clown suit.  I'm not too far from being done but getting up at 6am has thrown my body for a loop.  I think I am close so when I finish I will post some pictures!

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