Monday, August 17, 2009

Baileys Dress

Here is a dress that I started for Bailey in the middle of June and it literally sat in the sewing machine for 3 weeks or more. I finally took it out when one of the Elders needed a hole fixed in his shorts. I then decided to take my sewing machine in to get a little tune up because it needed it and because I knew I wouldn't be using it anytime soon. Well I got terrible news, the machine I've had for 14 years was not fixable. I really was devastated as funny as that sounds but it has really rattled me. I now have to get a new machine and figure out how to use a new machine. At the time I am employing my mothers machine so it is getting a little more love than it is used to! This dress is ankle length and looks SO cute on her. When I took these picts she was already in bed so here it is on the hanger!

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