Saturday, May 7, 2011

Here are some more!

Here is a hat I made for the girls.  They fight over it quit often.  It's more of a coral color in real life!

This is a newborn hat I made for my friend Suzanne for her first little bundle of joy due June 8

This hat I made for the girls, Lacey has seemed to take it over.  It's not a very good picture, it actually has a brim that doesn't show up very well!

These little loafers I made for my cousins little boy.  They are SO cute!

Here a some newborn slippers to match the hat I made for my friend Suzanne.

Here are a little pair of loafers I made and sold to the pharmacy, they fit about 3-6 mos.

I sold this set to the pharmacy as well, newborn in pistachio.  Such a pretty color!

These I made for one of the plethora of baby girls that will be born between now and November.  I LOVE the bright colors!

This is a little brimmed hat I made for my friend Sharla who just had a sweet baby boy that weighed in at 9+ lbs!  It should look cute on his chunky little head!

And last but not least a quilt I made for the beehives to give to Suzanne for the baby shower we had for her.  I put it together and they tied it for her.  It turned out SO cute!!

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