Monday, December 28, 2009

What you have all been waiting for...

All the stuff I made for Christmas! Now that all the gifts have been received I can post them. Here is the quilt I made for my mother, I was SO worried about getting this done and really is wasn't as bad as I had thought it would be.
I embroidered this poem

Then on each of the plain squares I traced all the grand kids hands and had them write their names. I traced their names and embroidered those on there too. My mother got all teary eyed when she opened it and has shown it off to all her friends.

I made my dad this huge Boise State Broncos blanket. He LOVES that it covers him from head to toe and keeps him toasty warm!

Christmas PJ's

Here are Maddie's, I made coordinating shirts to go with them.

Bailey's has a skull on her shirt to compliment the skull pattern on the pants.

Kodie's has skulls on them but the hearts stood out so much more so she has a heart on her shirt.

and last but not least the little poser, I think hers are my fav!

Here are a couple of headbands that I made for some girls that do some great stuff with Bailey and Kodie

Here are the purses that I made for my nieces. The blue one is for my oldest niece and the pink one if for my youngest niece.

Here I made some pillowcases for my nephews

I didn't get pictures of my brothers etched glasses or his fiance's apron but they too were enjoyed!

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