Friday, December 18, 2009

Birthday Pajamas and Teacher Christmas gifts

So for every ones birthday I got flannel really cheap last Thanksgiving and planned it out for the year. Well somehow my brother was overlooked and I had to get flannel the other day but here are his pants.My dads pjs have golf balls all over them
So for Christmas I usually try and make stuff but this year I found these cute lotion packs pretty inexpensive at Bath and Body Works so here they are

This I made for Bailey's Student teacher Mr. Martin full of hugs and kisses. His last day was today so we wanted to send him off with hugs and kisses!

Then here are the little paper mugs I made for the bus driver, the secretary and all the special teachers the girls have like art, music, pe, library and such. They are filled with cocoa packets, marshmallows and hugs and kisses.

Hope everyone enjoys their stuff!

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