Sunday, December 18, 2011

I've been crafting, really I have.

I have been REALLY busy with a lot of crafting but most of it is Christmas gifts so I'm not posting them just yet but here are a few things that aren't Christmas gifts that I can post.

Here is a toddler boy owl hat that I made, unfortunately I don't have a little model to wear it but it's definitely going to a good home.

This is a ladybug hat I designed at the request of my 7 year old.  I made it for her friend that was having her birthday.  I couldn't find a pattern for it so I made one up myself.

This is a project that I completed for my cousin.  She is giving this diaper bag to one of her friends.  Hope a couple months isn't too late!
It is large and has great dividers and pockets on the inside.  I would have LOVED this when I carried around a diaper bag but we are WAY past that.  I'm good just making them for people! There are a few things I would change from the original pattern now that I have made one but it's still good!  Well until I can post all my Christmas gifts.  I hope you get all your projects done before Christmas!

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